Responding to the effect of globalization to the rural areas in Indonesia, some friends who share the same vision and values decided to establish Ena Indonesia Foundation. The foundation is to work with the local indigenous people side by side so that they could have capabilities to cultivate and develop lands, and participate in the local and global markets.

We use the ABCD approach, Asset Based Community Development. We diligently learn and study the condition and the culture of the local communities, and come up with a development plan. Therefore the riches of the natural resources will be cultivated and developed properly and responsibly.

Education is a very important and fundamental part of our program.

We work together very closely with our sister foundation – Alirena Foundation – Together we want to provide the best education to those who have not been able to have the opportunity and access to quality education. Our education program is in alignment with the national curriculum. We even take it further that is to prepare and equip the kids from the left behind regions to become great leaders who are able to know, own, and love their lands.

"Makiwado" in Papua means being masters in their own land


The Indonesian kids become great leaders who are able to cultivate and love their lands through the learning of mathematic – science – technology


To develop comprehensive physical abilities, cognitive, language, social, emotional, self-concept, self-discipline, self-reliance, artistic, character that is based on moral and religious values