Kids Own the Learning (KOL) is when:

Kids own the learning

Kids learn by concrete methods first. They do explorations. They are trained to ask sharp questions. They are encouraged to formulate ideas, and then explore and experiment the ideas. They are taught to be objective and dare to learn lessons. They are also trained to present the results of their learning and present them in an articulated ways.

Teachers provide mentorship, coaching, guidance, and facilitating

Teachers are to provide curriculum and path of learning on planned subjects. Teachers are to encourage, mentor, and coach kids to develop discipline and habit of learning.

KOL has been proven to be very effective as an education method for kids who lack of fundamental, namely the basic scientific modern logic. This logic is developed during an early age by the learning of language and basic arithmetic.

In a lot of cases local languages in Papua and other part of Indonesia are very limited in vocabulary, and therefore this limitation in vocabulary has become a fundamental factor in early child development for these kids; plus the real living conditions and cultures in these regions.

KOL allows kids to speed up and catch up in their learning endeavor; kids learn abstract concepts through concrete objects and approaches first, that is by allowing them to explore and do the learning.

The next level of KOL method is to train kids to be able to solve their daily challenge by using knowledge and skills that they have learn and earn. KOL is the method used in the SAI (Sekolah Anak Indonesia) –